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Humans behind the Business


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Writing your own children's book, launching your own podcast, playing in a band on a big stage, finding the right co-founder or getting to know a valuable new network for your startup.   

What is your wish?

The Wunschtable is more than just small talk. You get to know new people and learn what their biggest dream is. You can help with your ideas and network and at the same time experience how it feels when a group full of supporters help you with your wish.

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A room full of supporters


Maximum 15 people of different ages, professions and genders meet for the first time. With nothing but their wish in the luggage. 


After getting to know each other, everyone receives their own wish box.

Your wish can be written down in your wunschbox and then you are able to tell your wish to the group. Everyone will have ideas for you and collects them on a small wishpaper for your box. Of course, you do the same with the other wishes from the group. This creates a magical sense of community.


At the end, everyone gets to open their wish box and take home not only lots of new ideas, but also great new friends. 

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Humans behind the Business

We often meet new people, but not often we really get to know them. What if you met someone who had just the right idea for your wish?

What if every small talk turned into real support?


The Wunschtable creates this space and lets people experience how it feels to make more than just small talk.

©Universität Paderborn, garage33

Great Stories

At the Wunschtable, I was fascinated to meet new founders from different fields and share networking, ideas and experiences. The evening gave me a real energy boost.
Stella Weickl
COO Chatwerk; Wunschtable Female 
Founders in Berlin
Clarity about your own goals, a change of perspective, valuable networking, energy, motivation, a backpack full of new ideas and concrete implementation support. All this within a few hours and in an atmosphere that reminds you of everything but work! Great!
Carl Illies
Investment Analyst NCA, Wunschtable Hamburg
What I really loved about the wish table is the dynamic with which the other participants questioned and supported each wish. At the end of the evening I felt like I was going home with 12 presents.
Christin Siegemund
Founder foodlab, Wunschtable Hamburg


Sylvia Tantzen lives in Hamburg und her favourite question is: What would be your wish if you met a fairy?

As a Business Angel for Startups and as the founder of the Wunschtable concept her biggest dream is to help other people with their wishes by bringing people together. 

Her passion is to travel, personal development (esspecially in a company with the help of pinktum) and startups (just-do-mentality) 



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